Commonwealth of Australia
Copyright Act 1968
Notice about the copying of audio‑visual items


Copyright owners are entitled to take legal action against persons who infringe their copyright. Unless otherwise permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act), unauthorised use of audio‑visual items in which copyright subsists may infringe copyright in that item.

It is not an infringement of copyright in an audio‑visual item to use that item in a manner that is a fair dealing under section 103C of the Act.

Section 103C of the Act relates to fair dealing for the purpose of research or study and sets out the matters that must be considered in determining whether a reproduction of an audio‑visual item is a fair dealing.

A court may impose penalties and award damages in relation to offences and infringements relating to copyright material.

Higher penalties may apply, and higher damages may be awarded, for offences and infringements involving the conversion of material into digital or electronic form.