Women with HIV

Although statistically, women make up a small proportion of people with HIV in Australia, they often suffer disproportionate levels of blame, ostracism and stigmatisation, with assumptions being made about their sexual or drug-using behaviour.[39] In reality, most women with HIV have contracted HIV from their regular sexual partner.[40] An HIV diagnosis can therefore raise complicated relationship issues for women and can leave them vulnerable to social isolation and violence.[41] Peer support through state and territory-based groups for HIV positive women can be helpful. Community nursing and volunteer-based HIV organisations can provide additional supports for women with HIV.[42]

With effective treatments, HIV positive women can now look forward to a hopeful future. Women who wish to have children can do so, with an extremely low risk of transmitting HIV to their babies or partners if both mother and baby receive appropriate treatment, care and support (see Pregnancy & Midwifery Considerations in HIV).

See http://www.womenlivingwell.org.au/