Significance of early recognition of HAND

There are several reasons why early recognition of HAND is important:

People with HIV with cognitive impairment have been shown to be less adherent to HIV medication regimes,[33] [34] This may lead to drug-resistant HIV, resulting in their current medication regime becoming ineffective.[35] [36]  Morbidity and mortality can then be affected as the person experiences poor health outcomes secondary to impaired adherence.  For those who can maintain a single-dose daily regimen, this should help adherence.

As people with HIV are ageing and may have a longer duration of HIV infection the overall prevalence of neurocognitive impairment has increased especially in its milder forms.

Increased potential for many people with HIV who are otherwise controlled to become disabled through neurological impairment.

The interval between initial infection of CNS and the development of HAD represents a window of opportunity to detect early and treat, therefore reducing potential clinical progression.