Nursing Introduction

In this chapter, HIV, sexual health and public health nurses from around Australia present a nursing perspective on caring for people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in the Australian context. There are sixteen topics encompassing the key conditions and issues that nurses are likely to encounter in their work with clients with or at risk of HIV infection.

The chapter includes sections on:

  • new HIV diagnosis
  • key clinical conditions
  • client education
  • adherence support
  • health promotion
  • biomedical HIV prevention
  • clinical supervision
  • evolving nursing roles in HIV care, and
  • nursing ethics.

Each section of the chapter provides a brief but complete overview of a given topic, with cross-references to the other sections and/or to the medical section of the monograph where relevant, for instance, where a reader may need more detailed clinical or therapy-related information on a given topic. Although there is therefore some duplication both within this chapter and across the larger document, this section is unique in its focus on nursing, and nurses’ roles in caring for people with HIV from diverse backgrounds and with a range of HIV-related conditions and complications.

As such, this resource may be useful for those working in the HIV, sexual health and blood-borne virus sector as a broad overview of current information, for nurses working in other areas of nursing who may simply wish to access a particular section, and for nursing students. Relevant links to other clinical and nursing specific organisations and resources are included.